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Swordwrath is a basic infantry unit, armed with a light sword. Swordwraths' only skill is called "Rage", which will unleash the true power of the swordwraths, boosting their attack, attack rate and walking speed (slower than shadowraths) at the cost of a small portion of health, but researching rage is still very important in large battles, and can help a lot in the early game too! If you find a swordwrath low on health, you can rage the swordwrath to garrison it quicker (note that you need to have enough health to survive the rage), so that other units cannot chase it down.

1. Place the first 2 miners on gold, then make an extra  miner, so you will have three miners, get the 3rd miner to pray 50 mana and research rage.

Advantage: Better economy development

Disadvantage: Later rage

2. Pray with the first 2 miners until you have 50 mana, then research rage, and later on go mining.

Advantage: Fast rage

Disadvantage: slower economy development

After that keep spamming miners and swordwrath...

Way to capture the middle: Simply move your swordwrath near the middle, try to get more swordwraths at the middle as fast as you can

How to use swordwraths effectively on the battleEdit

Q: How can you do if you see an enemy magikill?

A: If you see the enemy is attacking you and you see they have magikills, move back your swordwraths and wait until the magikill dies. After he dies, rush with the swordwraths you have left behind to finish off his army, such as giants, speartons, etc. This method can minimize the death of your swordwraths, and deal huge damage after his magikill has died.
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