The Speartons are known to tank damages from the enemies. They can also chase kiting Archidon and stun units that tried to walk past them. The Speartons have "Shield Wall" as their ability to tank more effectively but with the cost of can't move. Also, "Shield Bash" is useful for Speartons to stun units that walk past them or trying to flee.

Spearton buildEdit

As the Speartons is used for tanking, the main thing that fully unleash their potential is tanking. You can use Speartons to tank ranged units and tank Castle Archers from weak units. You are recommended to research "Shield Wall" when countering Chaos because they mostly use Eclipsors, which are flying units that shoot deadly arrows, but the arrows can be block by Speartons if they appear to be in front of weak units and go in "Shield Wall" mode. Also, "Shield Wall" can block Medusa from petrifying them into stone.

"Shield Wall" useEdit

Shield Wall is an important ability for Speartons to tank more effectively.


Go to the front of the enemy's gate, activate "Shield Wall" to block arrows from Castle Archers.

Activate "Shield Wall" in front of enemy's Giant or flying units to block them from hurting weak units.

Azxc's tip:

If you have a spearton with several swordwraths (better with rage), how to seige a base with a castle archer? (Cuz swordwraths are weak in castle archer) 

First: move your spearton into the range of the enemies' castle archer, use shield wall to tank the arrows damage, *** Better move him close to the background!!!

Second: now rush to the miners with your raging swordwraths! After the miners retreat to their castle gates, it is the time to crush their statue with your raging swordwraths.


Enjoy :D