Shadowrath are the official name of Ninja in Stick Empires. So as known, they are probably Ninjas, which assassinate the enemies and hurt weak units and chase fleeing enemies. They have an ability called "Shinobi", which have two levels, they can turn invisible with the cost of mana and moving slowly and can deal large amount of damage and inflict poison to the enemy if you command him to attack while in "Shinobi" mode.

Shadowrath useEdit

First, Shadowrath is rarely used because of their expensive resources and long training time. Also, their ability too have a long research time. So, only train Shadowrath if you found that the enemy uses Magikill, Meric, Marrowkai or Medusa. Shadowrath is meant to assassinate the enemies, not to mean that they are the main attacking force, although they stack damage upon hits. So, you must protect the Shadowrath from being killed, and after being healed, get him to battlefiled again. Don't worry, their speed is fast enough to get into battle.

Shadowrath speedEdit

As known as Ninjas, Shadowrath's speed is uncomparable by any units except Bombers.

Shadowrath too?Edit

If your enemy is using Shadowrath too, use Shinobi on the Shadowrath to prevent him from killing your spellcasters.