Order is a nation of brave warriors trained in various forms of combat until ready to endure the hardships of war. They specialize in giving each race individuality and uniqueness, so that they may be ready to call on the right race for any situation.

Order was once a small and meek country. However, their conquest in Stick War 1 led them to grow into a large and powerful nation. Prior to meeting Chaos, they eventually grew into an entire continent with their Truce. This let them become so powerful as to be able to defeat the dark necromantic armies of Chaos and kill their evil leader.


Unlike Chaos, Order relies on training and teamwork, while Chaos simply allows their men to let loose. Order is also composed of all-natural warriors, while Chaos of mutated, disowned, mutilated warriors--some even created purely from necromancy.

Order's men focus on teamwork, and using each other's abilities to full extent. Several races of Order would fall easily to the hands of enemies were it not for their joining the great alliance. With the help of Order, they use each race's unique abilities to their highest degree, forming battle tactics to assure supremacy. An example is how Archidons are automatically told to stay behind Speartons when making formations. Another example is how Shadowrath are used amidst Speartons to form both an offensive and defensive line.


Order has six buildings at its disposal. Each building creates unique unit types. Unlike most strategy gamees, these buildings are built from the start of the game. These buildings not only produce units, but also create upgrades. They can be accessed by the player by looking behind their castle walls.

Barracks - The Barracks trains the main ground units of Order: The Swordwrath. However, it also houses the training of two other races: The Speartons and the Shadowrath. With this building, one can research Shadowrath Cloaking to sneak behind enemy lines, Spearton Shield Wall and Shield Bash to defend the back lines from enemy attack, as well as Swordwrath Rage.

Archery Range - Archidons and Albowtross can be trained here, as well as their respective abilities: Flaming Bolts and Fire Arrows. Players can also find the defenses of their base here, and adjust them by clicking on the Castle Archidon button, which trains three highly elite Archidons to be put atop your castle's towers and balconies.

Bank - This building serves as your main economical house. It trains Miners alone, but it also serves as research grounds for increasing Miners' speed, gaining passive gold, researching Miner Walls and using the ghostly Tower Spawn ability.

Temple - The temple trains Merics, and serves as a sort of "hospital". The building can reinforce the Merics by teaching the cure, and reinforces Order's defenses with reinforce (increases statue health).

Mage Guild - Trains Magikill in the arts of magic. Unlike the other buildings, the Magikill lab mainly uses mana and little gold. Through this building, the Magikill can learn to poison their enemies and summon electric walls.

Giant's Prison - A jail specially designed and reserved for giants, this building trains newly-enslaved giants the advanced art of rock-throwing (well, advanced for them). Despite being a prison, this building actually looks quite nice, even when compared to the Giants Lair in Chaos. Giant growth can be researched to make giants grow bigger.


Order has unique and individual units. Each unit has its own set of abilities and are each used for different tactics. For example, Speartons act as defensive protector units while Shadowrath as offensive assassins. Their units are all organic, opposed to Chaos which is composed of many odd disabled, inhuman creatures. Each race supports one another in different ways, providing excellent tactical ability and unity.

Miner - Miners are Order's main economic units, providing gold and mana to their armies. Although they have an attack, it is very weak and, as a result, they should not be used as ground forces. Their ability, called "Miner Wall" creates a solid wall made of wood that is very hard to penetrate for enemies. However, Miners can make a maximum of only two walls. (150 gold, 0 mana)

Swordwrath - The Swordwrath are the main attack force of Order and form the backbone of their army. They are much weaker than most higher-tier units, but they are extremely numerous and need little gold to train. Their special ability, called "Rage" lets the Swordwrath glow red with anger. They will lose a portion of their health, but will attack two times faster and move much more rapid than before. This ability, however, only lasts for a short period of time. (125 gold, 0 mana)

Archidons - Archidons are Order's primary support units. Though they have very low health, they deal high damage and give great support for Order's arnies. Their special ability lets them use flaming arrows. These arrows deal much more damage than their non-burning counterpart. (300 gold, 0 mana)

Speartons - Speartons are defensive tank units that have low damage, but very high health. They serve as frontliners, protecting their support units while their more fearsome allies deliver heavy blows to enemy lines. Their special ability, called "Shield Wall" lets Speartons raise their shields and take far less damage. During Shield Wall, Speartons will have the option of doing a Shield Bash (if researched), which will deal little damage but at the same time stun their enemies for a short period.In the original Stick Wars, Speartons could throw their spears, however by the time of The Rebellion, they no longer do so. (450 gold, 50 mana)

Shadowrath - The Shadowrath are Order's primary offensive units, dealing immense damage to enemies, and more as they progress, due to their unique Fixate ability, which lets them do more damage with consecutive strikes. They are also very fast and agile, and can cloak in a battlefield. (450 gold, 150 mana)

Magikill- The Magikill are Order's spellcasting units, providing immense support that even Archidons cannot match. Alone, they are weak. But when protected by other units, they will be of great value. They have three abilities: Poison Spray, which deals poison in a horizontal line, Fireball, which deals immense damage in a small circle, and Electric Wall, which deals continuous damage in a vertical line. Magikill do not seem to summon minion by the time of the Rebellion. (500 gold, 400 mana)

Meric - Merics are spellcasting units that heal units inside a battlefield and out. They have two abilities: Heal and Cure. Heal lets the Meric return a portion of a unit's health, and Cure removes any poison a unit is currently suffering from. (300 gold, 200 mana)

Allbowtross - The Albowtross are Order's main air units and are tougher yet slower than Archidons. They roam the skies, helping allies while being unreached by enemies on the ground. Their special ability, called "Blazing Bolts" is passive and will let the Albowtross shoot powerful flaming arrows so as long as he lives. (450 gold, 200 mana)

Enslaved Giant - Enslaved Giants serve as powerful offensive and defensive units. Their large health and immense damage lets them defeat small armies even when alone. They have no actual combat abilities, but they do have the Giant Growth upgrade, causing them to grow, increasing their health, size, and durability. (1500 gold, 0 mana)