Magikill are spellcasters of order and also the leader of order in stick empires. As Magic really kills, Magikill are known on his high damage-dealing AOE spells. Magikill have three spells, which are Blast, which are a quick damage dealing spell, Poison Spray, a diagonal spell which inflicts poison to enemies and Electric Wall, a heavy damage-dealing spell which are normally used against walls and tankers.

cost 500 gold 400 mana
Population 5
time to train 30 seconds


Magikills are really strong against numbers, and they also can dodge projectiles like boulders by moving diagonally in North-West direction. Magikill's spells can unleash to it's fully potential if you really know how to use them and when to use them.


As Magikill is a major threat for both Order and Chaos, most players usually target Magikill first before any units. So, for low health units, you are recommended to Blast on them when they attack you. Aim on your position.

Poison SprayEdit

Poison Spray are dangerous against low health units and cure takes an amount of time for both Order and Chaos if they don't garrison. So, to make Poison Spray inflict poison to most units, make sure to pull the aimer to the longest range and cast diagonally downwards. If there's flying units, try to target their shadows diagonally downwards too.

Electric WallEdit

Electric Wall is an expensive spell yet easily be dodged, although they deal very huge amount of damage. So, Electric Wall are mostly used on walls, turrets(major threat), statue. Electric Wall can also be used to target tank units such as Speartons and Juggerknights. Electric Wall is also used to self-defense because Electric Wall is so powerful that the enemy needs to retreat to wait for the spell to vanish.