Juggerknights are the basic infantry unit of Chaos.


Gold Cost Mana Cost Location Type of Unit Health
450 50 Land Meelee High 6 Bars


simsim40's StratergyEdit

Get 3 Juggerknights and 6 Bombers early in the game. Your opponent will probably have only Archidons and Swordwraths(Order) and Crawlers(Chaos) by then. If he is smart he will have a Spearton or Shadowrath (Order) or Deads or Juggerknights(Chaos). To find out the kind of Opponent he is sent a Crawler as soon as the game starts. after the Crawler is dead. Ready your force. Then capture the Central Tower. Sent out your Bombers to destroy your enemy's early army and then let the Jugggerknights finish of th battle.
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Shadowrath<Juggerknight (slightly)


Juggerknight has passive regeration