This page will show basic information about Stick Empires.


In the armory, you can see that lots of things to buy with Empire Coins. Note that these purchasable items only let you customize your troops, but didn't give you any buffs. However, more expensive items usually make you look more intimidating (especially if you've bought them only by getting coins through battles and without paying actual money) and frighten noobs into surrendering. As you make your way into Chaos armory, you can see that Chaos need real money to be bought.

Real WarEdit

Now, click the play button to play with online players. As you go into empires choosing section, you'll see that Chaos needs gold membership to be utilized. Choose Order,and you will be brought to battle section. This shows you that you will be fighting with who, and whether he is favored or you're favored(favored means the rating is higher than others.),location and that kind of things. You will be brought to the map and starts your battle. You can chat with the enemy by pressing enter.
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Miners DefenseEdit

Typically, a lot of more experienced fighters will automatically attempt to attack your miners. Therefore, you need to build up some defensive units to protect them. To prevent this, you should know that, miners can defend themselves and can be upgraded to have more health, at least a small group of swordwraths accompanied by some archers (hidden to entice the enemies into attacking and wasting resources) for defense. When the enemy is heading towards your miners, make your miners attack and release your troops quickly finish them.

Tower SpawnEdit

So, a lot of players didn't know how to tower spawn. First, mouse over the bank and you will see an button with a tower on it. This is the Tower Spanwn upgrade. Tier one (600 gold and 200 Mana) summons a Spearton (Order Empire) or Juggerknight (Chaos Empire) while tiir two (2000 gold and 1000 mana) summons a Giant. After researching tower spawn, go to the center pillar. Wait until the loading bar (red in colour) goes to you and makes a tearing and roaring sound. By then, your ghostly unit will be spawn continously to weaken the enemy. Remember that you must have enough troops and know that the enemy won't come and center pillar fight with you to research tower spawn.

Miner Buildings and Spell CastingEdit

In the space behind your castle, you have 6 buildings that train their respective units and provide upgrades (full list underneath). First, research miner wall/turret. Later, click on one of your miners, click build wall/turret, select a place and make the miner build the wall/turret. Spell casting can have AOE attack, and can also damage air units. As magikill, you will cast the spells like building wall/turret. Remember that Magikill's casting speed is slow. For Marrowkai's reaper and Medusa's petrify, click on a unit to cast the spell. This type of spell won't have AOE damage but is more powerful than other spells.

Name Empire Units Technologies
Bank Order Miners Miner Wall, Passive Income Gold (1, 2, & 3), Miner Hustle, and Tower Spawn (1 & 2)
Barracks Order

Swordwath,Spearton,and Shadowrath

Rage, Shield Wall, Shield bash, and Shinobi (1 &2)
Archery Range Order Archidons and Albowtross Caslte Archer (1, 2, & 3), Fire Arrow, and Blazing Bolts
Mage Hall Order Magikill Poison Spray and Electic Wall
Temple Order Merics Cure and Statue Health
Giant Prison Order Enslaved Giants Giant Growth (1 & 2)
Black Vault Chaos Enslaved Miners Miner Tower, Passive Income Gold (1, 2, & 3), Miner Hustle, and Tower Spawn (1 & 2)
Crypt Chaos Crawlers, Juggerknights, and Bombers Pack Mentality, Predatory Edge, and Charge
Graveyard Choas Deads and Eclipsors Poison Guts and Caste Dead (1, 2, & 3)
Snake Pit Chaos Medusa Vemon Flux and Statue Health
Bone Yard Chaos Marrokai Hell Fists
Giant's Cave Chaos Giants Giant Growth (1 & 2)

After BattleEdit

After the war, you will be brought to the conclusion page. It shows your enemy's and your statistics. This page also shows the enemy's rating after they have increased/deceased their rating and will increase/decrease your rating depending if you won or lost.You can click the enemy's name to go into his profile and add him or her as a friend. You will get 10 Empire Coins for winning one battle. Take not that these Empire Coins can only be obtained for one victorious battle per day.


In the leaderboard, you will be shown the rating of Top 100 players and your friend's rating. You can make Top 100 as a target for yourself and keep winning to increase your rating. When you just sign in, you will get 1200 rating first.


You can add friends by going into his profile, or getting his three initial numbers. You will see the friend tab at the bottom right corner. Click it and you will see the add friend tab, the left one is the username, while the right one is the initial numbers. After entering the things, press the + button at the right of intial numbers (or press enter/return).

Strategy Edit

You must have your strategy to make yourself better. Go and search more parts of this wiki. Select the difficulty.


As a player, you must join into a clan to make this game more enjoyable (or just for some company). Whether you join Team Zenith, Furious Napkins, Team of Winners, or Peak of Potencia (currently link posting problems), make the decision yourself by visiting these pages.

View replaysEdit

Click Replay. You can learn how the enemy executes their strategy and how he managed to beat you. Keep learning from them and correct your fallacies, and you will be one of the top 100 players! See how your friend plays and tweak it to make your own strategies better! (I've saw one that combines strategy.)