Bombers are Chaotic Units.


Gold Cost Mana Cost Location Type of Unit Health
75 0 Land Kamakazi Dies when attacked, Explodes damaging your units and killing it. Or explodes when killed.


simsim40's StrategyEdit

Bombers are better at attacking Squads or groups instead of a single unit.

Eg.Swordwrath Cost = 125.

Bomber Cost      = 75

Bomber's required to kill one Swordwrath = 4

                                 =4 x 75 = 300 Gold

                                 =300 Gold for a unit that costs 125

Use bombers to destroy groups of Swordwrath when your Opponent decides to use overwhelm and Conquer

Bombers have AoE damage, so if the opponent has 10 swordwrath, you are spending around 600 gold to kill 10 units worth 1250 gold.

The extra 300 gold is needed because Bombers AOE deals a little less damage to surrounding units than the unit they collide with.



Trivia Edit