The Archidon is a sneaky archer which can kite and chase units without being hurt. It is recommended to use "Hold" method to kite, as "Garrison" method would have a non-shooting bug sometimes and can't chase units immidiately. Archidon have an ability called "Fire Arrows", which can outrange units and deal more damage than normal arrows. To fix the non-shooting bug, you can press garrison, and then move the archidon toward your castle, and then press garrison again, and then repeat moving the archer to your castle.


Gold Cost Mana Cost Location Type of  Unit Health
300 0 Land Ranged Low 1 Bar
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Bladedfire's StratergyEdit

Archidon startEdit

You are recommended to use 1 Archidon 1 Miner in Long Maps if you want to use them. Conquer the center and kite while the enemy approaches. Do this until you have Swordwraths to protect Archidon and more Archidons. Archidons are useful in early game, but one Blast from Magikill can kill multiple Archidons.

Weakness of kiting: Can't stay on the position you want, the space must be big to let Archidon kite more effectively.

Natural Weakness: Spearton (Chase kiting, armored unit so can endure lots of arrows), Shadowrath (Chase kiting), Dead (Poison), Magikill (Blast and Poison).

Effective use of Fire ArrowsEdit

Fire Arrows are made to let Archidons shoot the last shot to fleeing enemies. Fire Arrows can also used on continously pressure turtling enemies with the combination of Tower Spawn.

How to counter Swordwraths with Rage in early gameEdit

As known, Swordwraths with Rage are unstoppable, so you must research Castle Archer or make walls and more Archidons. Kite the Swordwraths frequently until they are low health. After that, kill them all.

Dhruvchauhan098's StrategyEdit

Archidon StartEdit

1) Get 1 archidon... no one else.

2) Send archidon to the center tower and wait until you have 300 gold.

3) Train another archidon.

4) Attack the enemy

Problems and solutionsEdit

Prob.. 1) CASTLE ARCHER: Wait until your economy is developed... Then get Fire Arrows. Stand out of castle Archer's range and shoot fire Arrows.

Prob.. 2) Heavy infantry: Get a castle archer and kite the enemies to your castle.

Prob.. 3) Heavy infantry (On Very Early Game): Well... There are two options.

Option 1 = (For Small Maps) Get a castle archer.

Option 2= (For Medium/Long Maps) Kite.

Prob.. 4) Speartons: Well... Most bad problem upon all other problems, but no worries...

Wait until your economy is developed. When developed... Get at least 6 archidons or more and get tower spawn.

Attack when ghost attacks and return when ghost dies.


Hope this works for everyone.

WARNING: Dhruvchauhan098's strategy only works for user who have rating under 1550.