So, you've learned the basics in the basic tutorial. Now, let's get a more advanced tutorial.

Game TermsEdit

Now, you should know the game terms in the game. You're getting advanced, and your goal is to go into top 100.

  • gg-good game
  • gl-good luck
  • wp-well played
  • hf-have fun
  • sup-wassup
  • brb-be right back
  • lmao-laughing my ass off
  • lol-laugh out loud
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Miner OptimizationEdit

You should also know how to optimize miners. Let's say your build- More Speartons, then 8 gold 2 mana. More Merics, then 8 gold 3 mana and so on.


Now, you should know the strengths of the unit and the weakness of the units. So, make other units to overcome that weakness, like Shadowrath is weak in recieving damage, so train Speartons to tank the damage. You should also know how to counter such strategies like Bomber mass, Crawler mass, Spearton mass and Giant mass.


What is micro?

Micro is where you control a unit to fully unleash its potential. Such as Speartons, tanking damage. Send them to protect your weak units while activating Shield Wall.

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What is macro?

Macro is a deeper definition of Strategy, which means the build of your units to make your army better. You must have good knowledge on all the units in Stick Empires to improve this thing.

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You also must know how much a unit can be killed and vice versa.

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Also, you must have some knowledge in maps to conquer the whole match.

In long maps, you should focus more on economy and vice versa.

Grass Hills-Very long map

Ice Lands-Long map

Gates & Forest-Medium map

  • And new suff come in 2014 Fab!
  • Say
  • Stick Empires 1.99 The Elemental
  • Order and Choas

Swamp & Desert-Short map

Castle&Halloween-Short map

Unspecified map-Mountain map

Clan activityEdit

Active in your clan and participate most activities to make yourself better. There are various clans to join, like Team Zenith or Peak of Potencia.

Congratulations! You have finished the tutorial! Start making your own strategy now!