Hard mode strategyEdit

In this page, most strategies are used in players who are in 1600-1800 rating.

The tanking buildEdit

(This strategy includes lots of melee units and some ranged units too)

Spend all your money on miners get the to mine then get another and make it pray for mana. When you get enough get the castle archer, miner hustle and miner wall build two miner walls and a shadowrath for scouting and research shinobi and shinobi 2. Then continue making miners until you have enough. Then get some speartons. If there are castle archers then get more speartons and other units with high healths if there isn't get swordwraths and research rage. Then you should get some archidons or giants and a few merics. Then you have a army and ready to attack.

(The Magikill could cause a lot of damage to this army so use the shadowrath to take him out if there isn't one then take out their meric or important units it there are albowtrosses then make sure the speartons take the damage and the archidons shoot plus this can be used against giant massers)

(A weakness is the magikill because even if you have a shadowrath they could have more than one magikill and could always hide unitl the shadowraths use their shinobi and then attack.