Easy mode strategyEdit

In this page, most strategies are used in players who are in 1200-1400 rating.




(Special Scenario)


Turtling: A Basic GuideEdit

Now we all know that some of us are what gamers call "turtlers"- people who camp in their base and build up a strong defense waiting for an attack to come. If you want to know how to turtle, read this following guide:

Step 1: Get an economy set up- around 2 or 3 miners praying at the statue, unlimited amounts of miners getting gold.

Step 2: Get strong ranged and infantry units, i.e. Speartons and Archidons/Albowtross for Order, Juggerknights and Deads/Eclipsors for Chaos. Put them DIRECTLY in front of the miners so they can intercept anyone that tries sneaking through to get your economy.

Step 3: Max out population with your new army. A picture on this page is of one of the turtling screenshots that I attempted.

Step 4: Once the enemy attacks (and he/she will, no doubt, if they find out you are turtling), destroy their army with everything possible. Chaos users can use Charge ability to stun the incoming enemy, then proceed to hack them to pieces with poisonous deads throwing their guts at the enemy. Order can keep in Spearton Wall formation, then shield bash (Magikill w/ Shield Wall is an awesome combination, considering the electric wall is one of your greatest abilities from the Magikill). You can hack down half the incoming enemy and still have lost only maybe 1 or 2.

Profile Pic

Speartons in Spearton Wall Formation, a line of archidons, two merics, and a Magikill. All ready for war.

The rest is up to you, my friend. Either continue turtling, or attack while the enemy is weak. Either way, you've destroyed the enemy's only hope of defeating you.